Roundhouse - Texas Barbecues Taste Like This...?

Price: $$
Cravingness: ★★☆☆☆

Roundhouse is the first Taproom in Hong Kong that features 25 types of crafts beers on tap which some are exclusively offered to them. Apart from the craft beer, Roundhouse is also famous for their authentic Texas barbecue. As a big fan of Chef Austin Fry, I went to try the barbecue items here tonight.

Stack - Lovely Pancake Spot

Price: $$
Cravingness: ★★★★☆

Pancakes! I believe seeking the best pancake in town is always my on-going mission. Pancakes are breakfast essential to me, it could be a great brunch choice, but to be completely honest, I think it is more a breakfast thing than brunch thing. There are several pancakes shops in Hong Kong, but many opens at noon, serving only the lunch, brunch and dinner section. Stack, the pancake tapas bar founded by the twins Caleb and Joshua Ng, who are also behind Common Ground cafe, bringing pancakes into another level, pairing them with all kinds of meats, vegetables and fruits. Another plus point for Stack is that they open at 11am over the weekend, to cater the morning pancake crave! And there we went all the way to Sai Ying Pun just for Stack's pancakes.

Holy Crab - Put On Your Apron and Get Your Hands Dirty!

Price: $$$$

I was rather excited to hear the opening of Holy Crab, an American-style seafood restaurant specialised in Cajun Cuisine located at the heart of Lan Kwai Fong. Holy Crab offers freshly seafood aired from America several times a week,  features "pick your own catch" approach and traditional Cajun cooking method. The Menu is designed to be shared on the table, and the seafood is all served on a bucket, unshelled. So ladies and gentleman, it's time to get your hands dirty and have some fun!

Shangri-la New March Seasonal "The Best of London" Afternoon Tea

Price:  $$

Afternoon tea fans will be delighted to know that Island Shangri-la has launched a monthly seasonal afternoon tea on top of their classic afternoon tea set for a while. In March, the new seasonal afternoon tea is called "The Best of London". Apart from this very British seasonal afternoon tea, there is also a event at the hotel lobby showcasting a classy England Telephone Photo Booth where fan who took the most creative pictures can win a pair of tickets to the Shangri-la in UK! More details can be checked on their website, so now we will move the focus back to the afternoon tea!

Texas Burger - Burger Disappointment

Price: $
Cravingness: ★☆☆☆☆

In the past months, there has been more exciting cozy restaurants opening in Tin Hau, I have put a few on my to try list, including Texas Burger which I was invited to try today. I asked a few of my friends and got positive feedback and so I went.

Ngau Saam Gun - A Playful Twist on Chinese Cuisine

Price: $$$
Cravingness: ★★★☆☆

Nested on Wellington street is a new modern Chinese restaurant called Ngau Saam Gun. "Ngau" meaning cow in Chinese which automatically draw our focus on beef. Ngau Saam Gun gurantees the freshest beef possible as one of the owners is a beef supplier. Playing on Modern Chinese, Ngau Saam Gun uses Western Spices on all of the dishes aiming to surprise our palate. "Local" beef is being used here, and by local, they actually mean cow from China. It got to our nerves for a bit as we all known how unreliable China's food is, or at least to me. Yet after my dinner tonight, I can tell in confidence that their beef quality is legit.

Cafe R & C - Cute 3D Kitty Latte Art

Price: $
Cravingness: ★★★☆☆

If you are a Facebook or Instagram user, you must have seen this cute cup of beverage at least once. It is either from Allegretto in Taim Sha Tsui or Cafe R&C in Causeway Bay. These two cafes are always packed and has long queue due to this signature cup of cappuccino, especially over the weekends. One might easily wait over an hour for this cup of coffee. I went Cafe R&C for dinner on a weekday and luckily there was no one waiting.