Duddell's - The Second Attempt And...?

Price: $$$
Cravingness: ★★☆☆☆ (Dinner)
 (Media Tasting)

I have a mix feelings towards Duddell's. I had a good dim sum experience but I also had a bad dining experience. I got an invitation from Duddell's offering a complimentary dinner tasting to make up the first bad experience that I had. Judging from great my dim sum lunch, I decided to give Duddell's a second chance. I also grabbed Su with me, wanting to see if they truly do improve. But do they? Please read on...

Featured Post | Hong Kong's Hidden Cuisine Gems

Hong Kong is a city of hidden gems. From the jeweled lights of the skyline to the illustrious shops, it is famous for some of the most concealed restaurants in the world. Incredible foods, exciting atmospheres, and exceptionally high standards place the following six restaurants at the top of an exclusive list.

Cafe O, Central

Price: $
Cravingness: ★★★☆☆
(Media Invitation)

Cafe O is a modern international cafe and restaurant in Hong Kong offering a wide range of bakery, sandwiches, pastas, pizza and beverages. Cafe O opened its first flagship store in 2004 at Arbuthnot Road, Central, and is still mainly located at the western region of Hong Kong Island. Distinguishing itself from its surrounding fast food style cafes, Cafe O serves hot food such as egg Benedict's, pasta and pizza.

Armani Aqua - Salt Discovery

Price: $$$$$
Cravingness: ★★★★☆
(Media Tasting)

The Couture meets Cuisine restaurant Armani Aqua is introducing an interesting Salt Discovery Menu, where they pair exotic and rare centuries old salt around the globe with dishes and cocktails to tantalise and surprise your palate. The salt menu is available now in the a la carte menu or as a six courses tasting menu paired with seven different salts at HKD1288 (HKD1888 with wine pairing.). I was invited over to try the tasting menu, as a big fan of the Aqua group, I was very excited about it.

[Nha Trang] Duck Leg Egg Noodle Soup

After the Bun Cha Ca and two Banh Mi at the Dam market, Henry was still not satisfied! So we started looking around and found a drooling aroma floating in the air. Detective Henry soon found a huge pot of seemingly flavourful broth at a restaurant behind the street stalls. It turns out they sell Duck Leg Egg Noodle Soup! Heehee, we totally find a hidden gem. Read on!

[Nha Trang] Banh Mi Crave

We went to the Dom Market for lunch as we heard there are lots of street stall there. One of our objective is to get nice Banh Mi (Vietnamese Baguette). In Nha Trang Dom Market, you can get Banh Mi at the food truck or from the girl with a Banh Mi basket on the street! Lets see how their Banh Mi differs, shall we?

[Nha Trang] Corn on the Cob, 2 Ways!

One thing that I found interesting in Nha Trang is that some typical food you find in the globe tastes different here. So far I found mango, chips ie potatoes and sweet corn carry a chewier texture than the ones that I usually have. The chewiness is cute and addicting. Here in this post, I am going to talk about the corn on a cob in Nha Trang.