85 South - Here Comes The Smokey Bird

Price: $$
Cravingness: ★★★★

I always go to 85 South whenever I have a barbecue crave. 85 South is consistent in their smoking technique which means it is pretty much assured that your meats are well seasoned and smoked. I missed their smoked turkey last year, so when I know they are smoking the bird again this year for Thanksgiving and Christmas, I was ecstatically happy. If you passed by 85 South in the coming weeks, I am sure you would be killed by the heavenly smokiness escaped from their kitchen!

Man Mo Café - Fusion East-Meets-West Dim Sum

The Price: $$$
Cravingness: ★★★☆☆1/2

Among the vintage and nostalgic stalls on the Upper Lascar Row of Cat Street lies a cosy restaurant Man Mo Café. Named after our beloved temple Man Mo Temple, Man Mo Café is not a cafe serving coffee but a fusion dim sum restaurant offering innovative East-meets-West dim sum.

Mangochacha - Legit Taiwanese Mango Shaved Ice

Price: $
Cravingness: ★★★☆☆1/2

My first encounter with Mango shaved ice was a few years ago in Ice Monster, Taipei where I fell straight in love with it. The reason why Taiwanese shaved ice is delicious and addicting is because of its lovely texture which is very different from the traditional crushed ice. MangoChaCha, a popular shaved ice dessert shop from Taiwan has recently made its stop in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong and so I paid a visit.

Foodpanda - Efficient Online Food Ordering Platform (with $50 off discount code)

Foodpanda, the world's largest online food ordering platform active in more than 40 countries, has launched in Hong Kong with hundreds of restaurant choices at the click of a button! Hungry eaters can now enjoy hot delicious food from their favourite restaurants at home or during office hour! I have personally tried foodpandas service and was contended. Hence below I will share more about foodpanda and just don't forget to check out the $50 voucher especially offered just for my readers! Check the promotion code at the end! =)

Le Port Parfumé - Classic French Bistro with Innovating Dishes

Price: $$$$
Cravingness: ★★★★☆

Nestled on Kau Yu Fong, an intimate looking restaurant captivates every passenger's attention. This very restaurant is called Le Port Parfumé, a French bistro with its literal French translation as fragrant harbour, apparently aiming to bring fresh seafood in French style to foodies in the neighbourhood.

Mango Tree - The Best Tom Yum Gnoong in HK

Price: $$$
Cravingness: ★★★☆☆1/2

A shout out to all the lobster lovers out there, a final countdown to Mango Tree's delicious lobster promotion ending on 30th November 2014. If you have not tried (my personally reckoned) best Tom Yum Gnoong in town, the Tom Yum Lobster, you are seriously missing out!!

Stockton - The Mysterious British Whisky Bar

Price: $$$
Cravingness: ★★★★☆

I have heard much raves about Stockton but do not understand why until tonight, when I finally set foot in Stockton.

It seems the 'no restaurant sign' is the new nom as more hip restaurants are doing it. With Stockton among one of the many wicked restaurants in town, do expect the same. The entrance of Stockton is well hidden through a tunnel of dark alley, you could spend a good 10 minutes keep reading the street number but could not find it. If you look at the picture below, Stockton's entrance is where the lady holding a piece of paper is standing.